Technology : CV & Applications with Code First Girls – 4 Part Course

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Starts: Tuesday, 04 June 2024 at 6:00PM
Ends: Tuesday, 25 June 2024 at 6:00PM

Available spaces: 395
Host: Code First Girls

Struggling to craft a CV that gets you noticed? Dreading application forms? CV & Applications MOOC can be your secret weapon! This MOOC is packed with expert tips and guidance and will help you write a winning CV, tailor applications to specific jobs, and boost your confidence. Invest a few hours, and land your dream role faster!

This 4-part course takes place over 4 weeks and will be hosted via Code First Girls online teaching platform in webinar format. 

This course is great for beginners or anyone that fancies a little refresher or upskill opportunity! Learn the principles of key tech topics with Code First Girls 'MOOC' (Massive Open Online Courses) Sprints and test your knowledge with MOOC Challenges.

Please note these courses are available to anybody who identifies as a woman and is over the age of 18.


Session 1: Introduction to CV’s: structure and formatting

LIVE Session: Tuesday 4th June @ 6pm - 7pm

  1. Why having a good CV is important
    • Who reads your CV 
    • Information overload and how to avoid it on a CV
  2. How someone decides on your CV
    • The content in the CV 
    • How you sell your experience 
    • Showcasing what you can do 
  3. A general structure CV’s should follow
    • Which structure to follow if you are a career changer or currently in education
  4. How someone reading your CV may scan it – in an F or Z pattern
    • How to format your CV to help a recruiter/hiring manager find the information they need in your CV easily
  5. How long should a CV be? 
    • How to identify your cut-off point esp for career changers 


Session 2: How to make your CV stand out

LIVE Session: Tuesday 11th June @ 6pm - 7pm

  1. What people think will make their CV stand out as opposed to how you can stand out 
  2. Dissecting each section of a CV with detailed advice:
    • The contact section at the top
    • Writing an impactful personal summary at the top 
    • Work experience
    • Technical skills
    • Projects 
    • Education 
    • Volunteering
  3. Personal branding and how it can provide great content for your CV
    • The “living CV”
  4. Linking other content such as a portfolio, GitHub profile
    • How to create an eye-catching “Personal ReadME” on Github
  5. Use of AI to write your CV


Session 3: Navigating tech job applications

LIVE Session: Tuesday 18th June @ 6pm - 7pm

  1. Where to find and apply for tech jobs 
    • Hackajob, Cord, Otta etc
  2. Advice on tracking your applications
    • How and when to chase up an application you’re waiting to hear back on
  3. Should you write cover letters for your applications? 
  4. Red and green flags in job adverts 
  5. Should you apply directly? Or go via a recruiter? 


Session 4: Smashing your interview

LIVE Session: Tuesday 25th June @ 6pm - 7pm

  1. How to use a brag document and how to use this to help you with writing your CV
  2. How to navigate the conversation around salary
    • What to do if you have to input current/desired salary on a job application
    • What to do if there is no salary in the advert- when should you ask about it and what is the best way to approach
    • What to do if the recruiter asks you about your current salary/expectations in the recruiter call 
    • Places to gather market knowledge on salaries to benchmark what you should ask for
  3. Dealing with setbacks and failure in the application/interview process 
  4. How to protect your mental wellbeing and peace during a job hunt 
  5. How to manage your nerves/anxiety during interviews


Find out more about Code First Girls:

Code First Girls has become one of the largest providers of free coding courses for women globally, having delivered over £75 million worth of free technology education and teaching three times as many women to code as the entire UK university undergraduate system!

They’re on a mission to close the gender gap in the tech industry by providing employment through free education. They’ve already helped more than 150,000 women learn to code and by working with companies globally, we’re boosting employability, diversity and social mobility, transforming local economies and communities.


When you sign up to this course, you will receive a link which will take you through to the Code First Girls platform where you will need to fill in a registration form. Upon completion you will then be fully registered to the course and will receive a confirmation email directly from Code First Girls which will include your links to join each live session. After each live session takes place, a follow up recording link will be sent to you to allow you to catch up and a mini quiz.