On Demand 10th June – Wellness : Chair Yoga & Pilates Mix with Sarah-Jane

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Please note, this session has been recorded from a live course and we have extended its availability until the 24th June as Sarah-Jane is on holiday, this way you can maintain your fitness during this period. 

This class is for anyone who feels they would like to improve their mobility and muscle tone and would benefit from gentle exercise with support.

Most of the class will be seated however there may be some standing postures using the chair for increased stability for those that are able, but different options will always be available if you wish to remain seated.

The class is inspired by Yoga postures and Pilates exercises to improve core strength, flexibility and well being.

The class begins and ends with breath work and relaxation.

For this session you will need:

A hard backed chair

A tennis ball

A soft 23cm Pilates Ball or small cushion

A small bottle of water


Zoom recording link to view this session will be included at the bottom of your confirmation email after you have registered.