On Demand 16th May – Craft : Get Sketching with Julie – A Trip to a Portuguese Island

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Please note, this session has been recorded from a live course and is available to watch flexibly in your own time up to 11:59pm on 23rd May 2024.

Learn to sketch with Julie in “real time” using Zoom and Julie’s very own movies of wonderful destinations!

Join Julie for a fun session online where we’ll visit fascinating places both in the UK and abroad. You’ll watch a short video filmed by Julie, then she will guide you through the scenes, teaching you what to look for as well as how to start sketching from them from “life”!

People, landscapes, buildings and gardens will feature during Julie’s Sketch walk series, so look out for places such as The Algarve, Brittany, Devon and Cornwall, as well as some buzzing cityscapes such as Bath and London over the coming weeks and months.

You don’t need to be experienced as Julie will demonstrate and explain ways to get drawing with confidence!

Working together in sketchbooks (or on paper), we will look at different ways of seeing and recording our surroundings and how to capture them.

Zoom recording link to view this session will be included at the bottom of your confirmation email after you have registered.