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Does maths feel like a bit of a mystery to you? Are you looking to improve your confidence in using maths in a variety of everyday situations? If so, this course is for you.

Part 1: Beginning with the very foundations of maths, this course will start by looking at how numbers are put together, before guiding you through how to use percentages, fractions and negative numbers. Taking real-life examples you will have the opportunity to practise your new skills and build your confidence in using maths to solve problems in everyday life and the wider world. This course will encourage you to not just mechanically follow the rules that are written to help with maths, but to also gain an understanding and appreciation of what lies behind these rules.

Part 2: Following on from part 1, this course will continue to develop your mathematical knowledge and skills using everyday examples. The course will guide you through measurement, scientific notation (based upon powers of 10) and roots of numbers, shapes and how to calculate their properties before finally turning to how to construct and read from tables, charts and graphs. It provides a solid foundation for you to continue with studies in any subject which requires some degree of mathematical knowledge.


Course learning outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:


Part 1:

  • use maths in a variety of everyday situations
  • understand how to use percentages, fractions and negative numbers in some everyday situations
  • begin to develop different problem-solving skills
  • use a calculator effectively.

Course duration : 24 hours


Part 2:

  • understand the SI and imperial systems of measurement
  • understand and use scientific notation in different situations
  • describe and calculate the basic properties of circles, four-sided shapes and triangles
  • understand some different ways of representing and analysing data.

Course duration : 24 hours


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