Our Vision

As life changes, so does the way we learn and the advancement in the technological landscape means that our approach to learning is continually changing.

We all have a natural drive to explore, learn and grow; lifelong learning allows us to improve our knowledge, quality of life, it gives us a sense of worth, inspires us to achieve our personal goals, take on new challenges and discover new passions.  As life changes, so does the way we learn and with the advancement in the technological landscape we must ensure our approach meets the needs of all women regardless of age, race, gender or ability.    

The WI Learning Hub is the exciting next step on our educational journey offering a rich variety of learning experiences for WI members, whilst being accessible and reflective to the needs of a neurodiverse audience. 

By recognizing the continual changes that we all face; using our 4 vision statements, the WI Learning Hub will take WI members on a learning journey that is accessible, flexible and inclusive, and support all women and girls to fulfil their goals, regardless of their learning adventure. 


  1. To offer a variety of accessible and inclusive learning experiences, reflective and relevant to women at all stages of life. 
  2. To provide a flexible learning pathway that propels women into pursuing their passion, skills or academic goals, empowering women to increase their self-worth, confidence and reach their full potential. 
  3. To be a bold leading force in making learning and development convenient, safe and attractive for women, expanding knowledge and understanding both within the WI and society. 
  4. To grow a modern, non-judgmental and inspiring learning environment which captures interest and elevates knowledge, skills and confidence for all women. 


Courses will be delivered in a range of formats; there will be live courses, access anytime and study courses meaning WI members will be able to access a range of course styles to suit their needs.   

Over the coming months, WI members will be part of the growth and evolution of the Hub., and constructive feedback will be crucial to the ongoing development of the Hub.  Please do take a moment after a course to provide us with feedback via the short online survey. 


Inspiring women – then and now 

The WI is a unique organisation shaped by its members. In 1915, we set out to give women a voice and to be a force for good in the community.  Since then, our members and our ambitions alike have grown tremendously.  Today, we are the largest women’s organisation in the UK and we pride ourselves on being a trusted place for all women of all generations, to share experiences and learn from each other. A WI membership offers the opportunity to meet women in your local area in-person and virtually, to make friends and make a difference in your community. We campaign nationally on a wide range of issues and provide life-long learning and self-development opportunities for women in England and Wales. 

In 2023 we introduced WI Supporters Options as another way to engage with the WI movement and our work without being a WI member.  To find out more about the WI and membership options available, visit Join and Support | National Federation of Women’s Institutes (thewi.org.uk)