Women + Sport = Every Voice Counts

As part of the NFWI continued collaboration with England Rugby to enhance the community engagement strand of the Rugby World Cup Impact25 Programme, we are conducting a survey to gather valuable insights from WI members.
Our goal is to encourage women who have not yet visited or engaged with their local rugby club to explore these community spaces and discover what is on offer beyond playing or supporting rugby matches. By introducing appealing activities which make use of rugby club resources in new ways, we hope to inspire more women to visit clubs, participate and feel welcomed.
Your feedback is crucial in helping rugby clubs become safe, inclusive, and vibrant community hubs for all women. Please take a few moments to share your views and contribute to the growth and accessibility of local rugby clubs. Together, we can ensure these spaces are welcoming and beneficial for everyone.
The survey is open to responses until the end of July and we will share analysis and findings later in the year.  
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