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Whether you want to visit, work or live in a French-speaking environment, you will get more out of the experience if you can communicate effectively with people. In this short course you will begin to develop your reading and listening skills in French and learn to speak and write the language to communicate in everyday situations. You will acquire a knowledge of the basic structures of French along with key vocabulary to meet and greet people and to talk about yourself and others. 


Course Learning Outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:



Part 1:

  • say hello, goodbye and some of the first phrases to use when meeting a French speaker
  • give one’s name and nationality
  • use greetings and partings in different settings 
  • recognise ‘u’ and ‘ou’ sounds and the basic rules of French pronunciation
  • distinguish between masculine and feminine forms, spot the differences between them when reading and listening, and pronounce each form correctly.

Course duration : 6 hours


Part 2:

  • discuss food, likes and dislikes, and be able to shop for or order food
  • understand more sophisticated conversations and complex language in a variety of different scenarios
  • recognise facts about France and French habits
  • express likes using j’aimej’adoreje préfère with the articles lelal’les
  • express dislikes. 

Course duration : 6 hours


Part 3:

  • ask for directions to key places in French-speaking towns
  • use the main prepositions of location
  • understand and give directions using a variety of phrases including devoir and il faut
  • pronounce un, une and the letters ‘h’ and ‘r’
  • use vocabulary to indicate the sequence of events.

Course duration : 6 hours


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