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This free course is an introduction to algebra which builds on the idea of using letters to represent numbers.

Section 1 looks at finding, simplifying and using formulas and includes useful tips on learning algebra.

Section 2 introduces some of the terminology used in algebra and techniques such as evaluating and checking equivalence of expressions, identifying terms in an expression and collecting like terms.

Section 3 looks at how to simplify terms and introduces index notation and multiplying powers.

Section 4 looks at the use of brackets in algebra and section 5 covers solving, checking and using simple linear equations.


Course learning outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • recognise technical terms and appreciate some of the uses of algebra
  • collect like terms and simplify expressions term by term
  • multiply out brackets
  • simplify some formulas
  • solve simple linear equations.


Course duration : 16 hours

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