Training On Demand : Festival of Trusteeship – How Can Charity Chairs Facilitate Discussion and Share Power Effectively? with Getting on Board

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NFWI are delighted to offer you Highlights from the Festival of Trusteeship in Association with Getting On Board. This collection of recorded videos are tailored for people who are interested in potentially becoming charity trustees or already hold trustee positions.

How can charity chairs facilitate discussion and share power effectively?  

Looking at the role of chairs in ensuring that all trustees on the board have equal power and voice:  

  • How chairs can equip quieter trustees to communicate  

  • Why are trustees from under-represented groups are often sidelined  

  • Why having a diverse board means nothing if the culture of the board does not enable their views to be respected or their contribution recognised.   

  • How to facilitate constructive discussion  

  • Being comfortable with disagreeing with each other and how to change your mind on issues.   

  • Effective decision making and power sharing


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