Training On Demand : Online Safety Course in Association with Learn My Way

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This e-learning module is accessible anytime, covering various ways of staying safe online.


If you are using the internet you may need to think about staying safe online. This subject will help keep you, your personal information and your devices safe.

In this course you will learn how to protect your device and the information on it. You’ll learn how to keep your device safe from possible threats like viruses and how to use screen locks to stop other people using it. You also find out how to save a backup of the information on your device to the cloud and how to reset your device if you need to. You will learn how to use the internet safely. When you’re using the internet, there are lots of ways of doing the things that you need to, or that interest you. It’s important to do these things safely. You’ll also find out how to spot scams and keep safe on social media. You will learn how to keep your online information safe by making and remembering good passwords. You’ll also find out how you can control who sees your personal information when using public computers and social media.


This is an access anytime e-learning resource provided free of charge in association with digital skills platform Learn My Way. Once your booking has gone through, you will receive an email with a link to the Learn My Way website where you will be asked to register. Once registered you can then return to the training in your own time.

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