The Restart Project

The Restart Project aims to tackle the climate emergency by making electronics work for people, for the planet, and for longer.

We’re a people-powered social enterprise that believes every product should be repairable, and that repair and reuse should be accessible and affordable for everyone.

Right now, we live in a throwaway economy. It can be tough to find options for repair locally, and electronics can be needlessly hard to fix. As a result, we’re losing repair skills in our communities, throwing more away, and buying more new. It’s building a mountain of e-waste while using ever more of our planet’s limited resources.

That’s why we make repair easier for everyone.  We help people run repair events in their communities where they teach each other how to fix their broken and slow devices – from tablets to toasters, from iPhones to headphones. We run fixing factories that help people repair their things, build repair directories where people can find help near them and train people in repair skills.

Our home is London, but we support the repair movement from Brussels to Buenos Aires to Bangalore, collecting stories and data about our broken belongings along the way.

These insights from hundreds of thousands of fixes help us speak out about what really needs to change – pushing governments to change the rules and businesses to change the way they make stuff by campaigning for our Right to Repair.


Rosie the Restarter Skill-Shares

We organise London based skill-shares run for/by women. They create a space to share, boost confidence and get technical together.

We want to bring gender diversity to our London repair community and empower women to get stuck into repairing.

We believe everyone should have the right to repair. We believe everyone should have the capacity to take full ownership of their devices.

To find out more, visit our website The Restart Project – The Right to Repair and Reuse Your Electronics

Rosie the Restart  Rosie the Restarter – The Restart Project