ACIE (Association of Charity Independent Examiners)

Association of Charity Independent Examiners (ACIE) was founded in 1999 with the aims of:

  • providing advice, support, and training to any person who is – or is considering – undertaking independent examinations of small charities’ annual accounts;
  • promoting and maintaining high standards of practice and professional conduct by members acting as independent examiners; and
  • providing charity trustees with information in connection with the selection and appointment of independent examiners.

We provide training in the form of online webinars, in-person workshops and annual conferences.

For members who wish to act as independent examiners of small charities with higher levels of annual income, ACIE offers a professional qualification (Full Membership) reached through training courses and on-the-job experience. ACIE collaborates with Universities, CVOs and other organisations to provide training for potential independent examiners.

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