Lucie Wilson

Hi, I’m Lucie and it’s very lovely to meet you. I’m your food and cookery baker, maker and writer and I love creating new and exciting recipes for you all.

I am 22 years old, a WI Supporter and I live in Hampshire with my mum and our beautiful cats. During my childhood I was brought up around food as my mum was a cookery teacher for schools and as soon as I was able, I had a wooden spoon in my hands. My dad was a very good cook too, but he sadly passed away from dementia when I was 8 years old. I have 3 sisters, but they weren’t too interested in cooking, so me and mum would spent hours in the kitchen baking and creating together. Still to this day me and mum spent a good few hours every week shopping for ingredients and then cooking delicious things together. I think time spent cooking as a family is really important, whether it’s like me and my mum or a father and son, brother and sister, parents and children, it is wonderful to simply spend time with the ones you love and for an opportunity to develop new skills.

Food is a massive part of my family; I am part Italian, so we take food very seriously and that means no pineapple on pizza and no mushrooms in a Bolognese! I simply love food and I do truly believe that cooking or baking can really help your mindfulness and invoke a calmness that can help relax you and focus the mind. Baking is also really good fun and I have so many amazing memories spent in the kitchen cooking and creating and the occasional icing sugar snowstorm game.

I am also a massive animal lover. We have 3 beautiful cats, and they are so joyful and so full of beans. I am also a huge formula one fan. I just adore Lewis Hamilton and never miss race. So much so that my keys have got 4 mini formula one tyres on them as well as cats and cupcakes keyrings.

I really do love creating and baking for you all and I hope you enjoy my recipes and have as much fun making them as I do. 

To read more of Lucie’s fabulous blogs, PRESS HERE visit her projects on the Learning Hub or sign into MyWI: www.theWI.org.uk/MyWI