Dr Ruth Stalker-Firth

Picture of Ruth Stalker-Firth

Hello, my name is Ruth, I write about technology and storytelling as, for me, they are inextricably linked to understanding ourselves and the world around us. I’m fascinated by how people use technology, and vice-versa.

Having worked as a web designer and written software applications for bridge monitoring, engineering plants, exhibition centres and architectural firms, I firmly believe that good human-computer interaction (HCI) is the key to making us all happier with our computers, so that we can use them to solve the problems that will make life better for everyone. 

I became a university lecturer in 2001 and over the years (at Lancaster, Westminster and Birkbeck, University of London), I have taught HCI, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, biometrics, IT security, and web technologies at BSc and MSc level. Since 2020, I have been teaching HCI online on Udemy.

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